Tips for protecting yourself from pests in the spring

The arrival of spring is nearer and nearer. A time in which good weather is the main protagonist, but it is not the only one. Insect and rodent pests appear during this season to settle and spread in our homes and gardens. That’s why, as a company specializing in exterminating cockroaches in Madrid and other pests, we believe that simple prevention guidelines can help us keep insects away from our homes.

How to prevent pests in spring

The first thing to keep in mind when preventing any type of plague is that dirt attracts animals such as insects or rodents. That’s why sanitation is very important. Cleaning the house very well, paying special attention to the most hidden corners can really make a difference. In addition, it is essential to always check all corners and furniture of the home to detect pests in time and prevent further damage.

We must also make sure to close all possible gaps through which they may enter: slots in the ceiling, ventilation holes, cracks in the walls, etc.. In the case of windows, we can place mosquito nets to prevent insects from entering easily.

Another thing we can do to keep our house from getting full of pests is to store food well. We must try not to leave food in the kitchen or the place where we keep it, as well as cover it hermetically so that rodents and insects can not access it in any way.

Following all of these tips can help keep spring pests away. However, if it is too late and we detect the presence of some type of pest in the house, it is best to go to professionals specializing in the control and elimination of pests to have the best results. We are aware of the increase in pests that occurs during spring, and we can help you exterminate any pest you may have in this season, as we have the best experts, and are prepared to deal with all types of insects and rodents.

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