The cold is coming: how to prevent the arrival of winter insects

Autumn and Winter are coming: watch out also for winter insects!

Summer is coming to an end. With the arrival of autumn and winter, temperatures will drop more and more.

Cooler temperatures push parasites such as rodents, spiders and cockroaches in search of food, water and shelter indoors.We provides tips for homeowners on how to keep unwanted pests away during the winter season.

Throughout the winter rodents such as domestic mice seek shelter inside, often causing severe and costly property damage. In addition to property damage, winter pests contaminate food and water sources throughout the house.

Mice are a common winter nuisance and a small slot the size of a coin is all it takes to find them at home. Once inside, mice and other rodents can cause considerable damage and pose serious health risks to people and pets. Mice are used to chew wires and panels. They can also pierce plasterboard, cardboard, wood and even electrical cables, increasing the risk of domestic fires.

Homeowners should also pay attention to the excrement these rodents leave, especially as they can trigger allergies and spread diseases such as Hantavirus infections, which lead to headaches, fever, nausea, diarrhoea and abdominal pain. Mice are able to drop up to 25,000 parts of faecal matter each year, about 70 times a day.

What about the small insects instead. During the winter months, spiders and cockroaches exploit every crack or hole in doors, chimneys and walls to access the house. Once inside, cockroaches can easily contaminate unattended food and water sources.

How to prevent the arrival of these winter pests?

We recommend some important measures to prevent the arrival of these pests in the cold season:

  • Seals any cracks and holes outside the house, including areas where utilities and pipes enter the house
  • Controls the air intakes and the chimney of the fireplace or stove
  • Keep penthouses, basements and tight spaces well ventilated and dry
  • Repairs jambs, sofas and rotten tiles; some insects are attracted by wood deterioration
  • Make sure the doors and windows in the house are properly sealed. Especially check those in the basement
  • Inspect cables, pipes, and wireways for signs of infestation
  • Frequently checks boxes and containers on the floor
  • Keep tree branches and bushes well pruned and away from the house wall
  • Keep firewood at least 5 meters away from home and 15 centimeters from the ground

If you suspect a pest infestation in your home, contact for pest control specialists an inspection and to treat the problem of winter pests, rodents and insects.

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