Get rid of pigeons in a natural way: all tips

Pigeons are a potentially dangerous presence also because of the many diseases they can cause. Let’s see how to keep pigeons and other birds away with entirely natural remedies.

The wild pigeon (columba livia) is certainly not the most loved bird, much less the cleanest. The carpet of its acidic and corrosive droppings, it destroys the plants and vegetables of our balconies, gardens and even the bodies of the cars. It creates problems of incrustations on walls and monuments, makes noise and represents a health risk.

This spectacle, which is not very pleasant for the senses and the risk of ruining the building, leads to a desire to get rid of it at all costs.

But why use chemicals when we can use natural methods to keep them away from our habitat. Moreover, by using pesticides or other poisons, we also hurt ourselves.

Household methods for keeping pigeons off the balcony

Pigeons are terrified of birds of prey, like owls and hawks. But city dwellers can’t use the old scarecrow method, but they can try some tricks:

  • Use decorated balloons to look like an owl, a falcon or the eye of a bird of prey. Be careful, make sure to change the position of these bollards often, to avoid that birds get used to seeing them and end up not being afraid of them anymore.
  • Place coloured pinwheels or maxi toothpicks in pots.
  • Hanging aluminium sheets or trays on a wire: pigeons do not like the noise made by this material and will move away quickly.

You can also use objects that reflect light to scare them off.

  • Glue two CDs together and then hang them on the terrace or balcony. The reflections of light scare the pigeons.
  • Spread old CDs among the fruits or plants in your vegetable garden, they will force the birds to look elsewhere and will dazzle them with reflections.

Bollards against pigeons

Another class of remedies that have always been used to keep pigeons away from terraces, cornices and gutters are the pigeon bollards, which can be mechanical, electrical or ultrasonic.

Needle wires and nets

Among the mechanical bollards, the most popular are the classic needle threads, which do not “stick” the bird, but simply prevent it from leaning against it, persuading it to try to rest elsewhere.

Other types of mechanical bollards are steel nets and wires. They do not provide welcome support for pigeons, who are used to abandon it quickly.

The installation of nets creates a barrier that prevents pigeons from accessing balconies or attics through holes and broken windows.  The wires stretched from one side of the window or balcony compartment to the other provide unstable support for the pigeon, which ends up leaving.

They are available in garden centres or hardware stores.

Ultrasounds to keep pigeons away

The latest development is ultrasound equipment, which should emit sound waves at a frequency not perceptible by the human ear, but only by animals. These waves should bother small rodents, birds and some insects such as cockroaches.

This is a solution with no contraindications, but of dubious effectiveness, despite the manufacturers of these devices boast the incredible properties. Moreover, the cost is higher than the other bollards.

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