Cockroach plague this summer: How to protect yourself?

With the arrival of summer and high temperatures, the risk of the dreaded plagues of insects like cockroaches increases and, experts say, this year is going to be especially intense.

The humidity generated by the intense rainfall this spring is one of the causes of the proliferation of cockroaches both in homes and urban environments, according to the meteorological portal

The National Association of Environmental Health Companies (ANECPLA), which says that “with heat and humidity the cockroaches proliferate and abandon their natural habitat in search of new shelters in which they find water, food and an optimal temperature.

Beyond the hygienic, the problems generated by this insect range from contamination of food and cause great economic losses, to increase the risk of contracting diseases such as dysentery or salmonellosis.

How do you protect yourself from a cockroach pest?

It is advisable to eliminate or keep closed any source of water or food within reach of the pest, provide adequate ventilation, clean possible nesting sites and correct structural deficiencies and cracks in houses.

In some cases, the solution is to resort to specialized pest control companies and the use of household insecticides, which could aggravate the problem, is discouraged.

The two most common cockroach species in Spain are the Blattella germanica, popularly known as blonde, and the Blatta orientalis or black, present in urban environments.

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