Autumn pests: How to protect dogs and cats

Autumn pests can attack our pets even if the heat is over. Protect dogs and cats you can, here’s how to protect your four-legged friends.

After the heat and the season in which our 4-legged friends are more susceptible to attack by fleas and mosquitoes, come the equally dangerous autumn parasites. Protecting dogs and cats is necessary to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Therefore, do not neglect protection even after the summer, on the contrary, do not underestimate the autumn season and the parasites it carries with it.

Pets parasites

The parasites that can attack pets and create various discomforts, up to the most serious ones, are:

  • Flea;
  • Ticks;
  • Tenia;
  • Mites;
  • Mosquitoes.

These, affect especially in spring and summer, but also during the autumn can continue to live and put at risk the health of dogs and cats.

You should never underestimate them and every time you return from the daily walk you should check the hair of our animals, but above all you must protect them with an effective pesticide and ad hoc.

Autumn parasites

The autumn parasites are the same as those that populate the meadows in summer and spring, but the arrival of high temperatures even in the middle of the seasons, makes it possible for them to survive for weeks and managed to resist even in autumn, continuing to infest our furry friends.

Especially mosquitoes, with the arrival of the first autumn rains and the mild temperature, tend to be much more present and to attack the animals even inside the house (given also the heating inside the houses). Do not trust, therefore, that your dog does not go out, because even in the house can proliferate pests, brought unconsciously by us or by open windows.

How to protect dogs and cats from parasites?

So what to do against autumn pests? Surely not to interrupt the application of the pesticide is a good solution. Also apply after the summer and throughout the autumn period.

For the winter, however, consult your vet, who will recommend a different product depending on the season. Protecting throughout the year is the watchword, to prevent your dog from getting sick of some typical parasitic diseases, which can sometimes also affect humans.

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